One key place that technology can really make a difference is in the procurement process. Whether a commercial business or government agency, each must balance the challenges of maintaining efficiency while lowering cost and meeting the requirements of transparency throughout the procurement process.

Why E-Procurement?

Why E-Procurement?

  • Fulfill your company's procurement need.
  • Manage vendor, catalog, budget, bidding, and contract with the ease of technology.
  • No more manual process, go paperless.
  • Allow vendor to manage their own profile and catalog.
  • Score bidding with your choice of criteria.
  • Manage vendor, catalog, budget, bidding, and contract with the ease of technology.


  • Cost savings through digital procurement.
  • Workflow-based procurement process.
  • Worldwide web- and role-based access.
  • Transparency and oversight throughout the procurement process.
  • Resource savings due to paperless processes.


  • Vendor Management

    Vendor Management

    Manage all vendor process : Vendor Registration, Vendor Verification, Vendor Revision and Manage Vendor Status

  • Budget Management

    Budget Management

    Define Budget for each Division/Department and breakdown to yearly, semesterly, quarterly and monthly

  • Bidding Management

    Bidding Management

    Manage all process bidding : setup bidding announcement, define bidding method and scoring criteria, receive bidding document from vendor, evaluate vendor document, announce bidding winner

  • Contract Management

    Contract Management

    Manage contract bacsed on completed bidding, manage contract for catalog and upload agreement

  • E-Catalog Management

    E-Catalog Management

    Define catalog category, upload data catalog, and Manage status data catalog

  • Approval Flow Management

    Approval Flow Management

    Our workflow engine make application more ease to define or custom approval flow